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About - Cowrie LLC

Cowrie LLC was established to assist the creators and users of digital assets navigate the complexities of regulatory and taxation challenges that accompany technological innovation.

The reality of the rapidly evolving market around digital assets and their wide-ranging applications is that the authority regulating the treatment of tax, accounting and reporting is developing behind business operations that already exist. While businesses cannot be expected to suspend operations until regulatory guidance for their exact situations is formulated – they are responsible for complying with the current regulatory authority as best they can and developing positions that are consistent with known rules, practices and uniform application of methodology, with an expectation that they monitor and comply with the developing legal and regulatory framework. 

By taking an integrated approach to evaluating regulatory requirements, legal obligations, accounting standards, tax compliance and tax planning, Cowrie LLC assists clients coordinate their treatment, methods and assumptions surrounding digital assets, to ensure that they are consistent with each other and compliant with the best practices available to meet all regulatory and operational responsibilities.  In addition to identifying and mitigating risk, this approach greatly reduces operational costs by decreasing the likelihood of future expensive and time-consuming reworking of financial schedules and operating procedures.

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